Liberation from the Rectangle and Square Format

Even the arrangement of screens side by side and above each other creates new references  between the glances which are represented by the canvases.

In ‘Einsatz’ (Mission): The slight indentation of the canvas with the mother’s feet towards the image centre illustrates the impending estrangement of the couple, which may be associated with a long service-related separation. In the same picture the view onto the stretched out hand of the child becomes the connecting bridge. Leaving the work area empty above and below illustrates the separating distance in a special way with the couple simultaneously at eye level.

Scaling in Depth

The scaling of the canvases, in some screens with partial occlusions, introduces new design elements into painting: expanding the interpretation of perception areas.

To some extent the viewer is able to look at partially hidden image interpretations. To do this he can get closer to the image. As the viewer gets closer, the options of perception change by looking through the now opening lateral views onto canvases behind. However, the gaps and the offset in depth between the screens are different in size. In this way different insights are possible. And by stepping to the sides or looking from above or below, new situations of contemplation unfold. It feels like recalling the observation of a situation.

The observations are weighed, judged, remembered etc. in a different way.

By building the work in this way the observer is forced to move.

He no longer stands still in front of the work or merely moves back and forth. Looking from above he steps close to the work to get a view behind the canvases in the front.

In some places the construction of the canvas mounts will become visible during such investigations of the harder to remember glances. They stand for mnemonics used to visualize the interpretation of situations. However, these efforts are not always successful. Some painted canvases sit so closely behind the one in front that you will sense the painting as such, without being able to clearly see what is there. Like a situation you know you attended but still you cannot recall in detail.