In Thought

Sometimes my thoughts drift….   Then I remember the views of a moment, for example the view onto the quince jelly my sister prepared, and how it sits in the sunshine flooded backlight on the breakfast table. Before or after this, which could be a fraction of a second, a day or even longer, I think of the tea in the cup, reflecting in a thermos flask.

Having images like this in front of my inner eye, I can be anywhere – however, I am at ‘In Thought of Breakfast with Tanja’s Quince Jelly’.

To complete the mental interlacing of the five single images of ‘In Thought at Breakfast with Tanja’s Quince Jelly’ (Quince Jelly, Tea, Butter, Bread Roll, Hand) I painted the two linked  canvases of the work ‘Tanja’s Quince Jelly’ for my sister. In this way, my sister, who prepared the quince jelly, received the double canvas ‘Tanja’s Quince Jelly’.

The five single canvases with the titles ‘Quince Jelly’, ‘Hand’, ‘Butter’, ‘Bread Roll’ and ‘Tea’ stand each on their own. They could end up at completely different places and lead to a mental connection.  

If I came to one of these places one day, my thoughts would drift…. 

Or maybe a person will decide on all five pictures of the series, as long as this is possible. He could hang them either in one location or in different places - in order or in a new formation. Or he could keep the pictures staggered behind one another and put away. Then bring them out every now and again, browse through them, occasionally pulling one out and putting it up. Or even put them away and forget about them for a long time. Or….. 

Translated by Ute Allison