Perception Areas

These moments representing collages of glances show perception areas and areas of memories as well as their boundaries, all merging, and the gaps in between and around. All points put an emphasis on each memory of single glances and they are design elements prompted by the moments which gave shape to the image.

Glances Turn into Moments

The area of our sharpest vision covers only a few degrees and is anatomically assigned to the fovea at the back of our eye. For example if we focus our eyes on the centre of a text page, keeping our eyes still and try to decipher the surrounding part of the text, we then experience the narrow limits of sharp vision. In our daily life we don’t experience this.

The situation is the sum of gathered glances, our experience, expectations, assessments, interpretations and involuntary eye movements. Gaps do not seem to exist.

Glances which stay in our memory for longer will be merged with the painting.

Keeping their independence they will simultaneously chime whereas the pictures on their own could not achieve this. They influence and emphasize each other. The artistic interpretation is also weighting it. The different glances merge to an overall impression – the moment. All glances together narrate more impressively and more vividly than the representation of one glance on its own.